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The Applegate Trail Interpretive Center Museum

The museum offers a glimpse into the colorful history of this rugged area through the stories of the pioneer settlers, the naming of Grave Creek, the discovery of gold, the impact of the stageline, and the building of the railroad.

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Located in beautiful Sunny Valley, Oregon the Applegate Trail Interpretive Center Museum is a "must see." It is a guarantee that visitors will enjoy visiting the many historical displays.

In the fall of 1846, the first emigrant train from Fort Hall, Idaho, to travel the southern route of the Oregon Trail — which would become known as the Applegate Trail — camped just across the creek from the museum. Martha Leland Crowley, 16 years old, died on the trail and was buried on the north side of what was to become known as "Grave Creek." You can visit the museum’s Fireside Theater to see the dramatic reenactment of this event.

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Grave Creek Covered Bridge

Drive by the very close historical Grave Creek Covered Bridge and read its history from an interpretive sign. You can read how it got it's name the Martha Leland Crowley story, in addition to the story of Fort Leland, Indian wars, and gold days.

It is approximately 5 miles from the Hugo I-5 interchange to the Sunny Valley I-5 interchange and from there just spitting distance to the museum.

Betty Gaustad
Applegate Trail Interpretive Center Museum
500 Sunny Valley Loop
Sunny Valley, Oregon 97497
Toll Free: 1-888-411-1846

Web Page:

More Information

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This authentic covered wagon depicts the story of the wagon trail and it's despair, determination and discovery.

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Want more information? Contact an officer of the Hugo Neighborhood on how you can become involved in our project to find and map the trail in our community.

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